Birthday Comparison Shot

Another comparison shot. And yes, I wore the same shirt that I had on last year. This happens to be one of my favorite shirts that was a thrift store find at $.75. Yeah, 75 cents! It was originally $1.25 but on certain days, certain colored tags are on anywhere from 25%-50% off. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Lookin’ cute and fly on the cheap!!!

9 Months

Well it’s time for another update already, 9 months to be exact today. Movin’ on up!!

Not a whole lot of change from month 8 though the back is still puffy & frizzy on the ends, it has calmed down a wee bit and slimmed down some. It’s also taking quite a bit longer to dry after washing or a really good spritzing. Not a problem though…just gotta wash it earlier in the day than I used to earlier in the journey. I’m more in love with my hair than I was before not that I did not love it before, it’s just I’m so amazed by it. Oh, yesterday an older gentleman coming out of the thrift store was walking toward me as I was approaching the store. He called out to me to get my attention and said “I just wanted to tell you that you are very attractive”. Now you know that made a sista feel real good and coming from an older person (as he looked to be around the same age or older than DH who is 17 yrs older than I) who are generally are not too keen on locs. They was blowing & swanging (y’all know there is a difference between swinging & swanging) in the wind as I walked about. lol

Oh I forgot to add that I’ve reduced the amount of baking soda that I use in my shampoo mix from 1 tbs to 1 tsp. Since I don’t use any product in my hair other than a few drops of peppermint, lavender and cedarwood essential oils in my water spritz I don’t have the need to clarify, just clean my hair. I’m also substituting the water part of the mix with aloe vera juice. I mentioned this in the last post.

DH & I attended his 2nd cousin’s wedding & reception today so here are some pics of how I’m wore my locs. I double two strand twisted the front, french rolled the lower portion in the back and then adorned that portion with some decorative pins. I did that ’cause I want my puff to sit up high but those lower locs have condensed the most and are too short to go into the puff. Y’all I had to put in a million and one pins (well that’s a bit of an exaggeration…it was more like 9 pins but still) just for that little portion. The puff portion is held up by another hair tie I made, and was rolled with large rollers to give some lift to the puff since my hair seems to want to lie kinda flat in that back middle area. It was humid today and ended up raining so the puff dropped a bit so I think if I do it again in the future, I’ll use smaller rollers and smaller sections of hair. Plus the smaller ones should be easier to sleep on I hope. The two strand twisted portion held up well probably because I did 4 locs per section ,2 strand twisting 2 locs and then 2 strand twisting those together.

The top that I was wearing, y’all a thrift store find at $5.00 and the black skirt $.50! Who says you can’t look fly on the cheap!!