How I Use (Coconut) Oil on My Locs

Hey guys! I hope this post finds everyone well.

Violeta over at Oceangrins did an update post on her “itchy” situation. 😉 There, a question was asked by Naturalocs on the use of coconut oil and water on locs. She said that coconut oil was softening her skin but not her locs and she asked was there a certain way to use it. I thought that this might help others so I decided to answer here in a post.

I’ll start by saying I have fine/thin hair. Now I’ve been using coconut oil on my then loose natural hair for a little bit before locking. I liked it but it was not softening my hair in the way I would have liked. I started locking about year after this point  so I stopped using coconut oil and all oils for that matter until my locs were further along into the locking process. A year or so later I decided to revisit coconut oil on my locs.

Coconut Oil squircle

Coconut Oil squircle (Photo credit: Ennor)

To be honest, I’m not sure what made me start applying coconut oil to wet hair.  I liked it but still not exactly what I was looking for. When I was using it on my loose hair, I applied it onto dry hair. That worked OK but that was it…just OK.

Then after I locked, either by design or by accident (probably the latter) I applied it on my damp locs. I know this might sound crazy but what I mean by damp hair is …just washed hair. I wait until my locs have stopped dripping water but before they are slightly damp. Kinda like when you wash jeans and take them out of the washer right after it’s stopped. They are not dripping but they are wetter than a lightweight t-shirt would be that was washed in the same load. I don’t towel dry my locs or dry with anything. Applying a nice amount, I go through my locs, making sure I get the top and bottom of the locs.   That’s the only time I apply coconut oil until wash day rolls around a week later. During the week, if my locs are feeling a bit dry, I’ll spritz with water only. This softens my locs right back up.

This is I was looking for! Now, why have I gone thru all that description? Because I did not get quite the same result when I started with dry locs dampened by spritzing with water. Looking at the post noted below, I see why I’ve changed how I was using coconut oil on my locs and remember this routine was before I came up with my herbal coconut oil concoction.  I’ll do a post later sharing my concoction.

So try using coconut oil on your hair/locs on wash day, and don’t wait until your hair is completely dry. If that does not work, it might be that you hair does not like coconut oil.  My hair does not like olive oil.

Hope that helps. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “How I Use (Coconut) Oil on My Locs

  1. thanks for the info. it’s interesting how the amount of water in your hair makes a difference when trying a product. come to think of it, my hair feels much oilier when i spray olive oil on it right after a wash or wet. when my hair is dry, i usually end up spraying about double the amount of oil. interesting… thanks again for everything! 🙂

    • It is interesting and to me shows how everything works together. Also, it demonstrates how different things work for different people.

      Olive oil works ok for me but I think it’s too thick for my hair and skin too. It just sits there on the surface, penetrating very little.

      Thanks and always good to hear from you! 🙂

  2. I never could apply coconut oil, or other solid butters on my hair with any kind of success in the past. My hairs are too coarse for them to penetrate, so it just sits on the surface. I’m also very afraid of build-up happening inside the lock, so I just stick with jojoba oil which is liquid, even at colder room temperatures.

    • That’s interesting! Jojoba reacts the same way on my hair the way coconut oil does on your hair.

      I’m glad that there are many different natural ingredients to care for our hair and bodies.

      Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  3. Ah I see, this has been enlightening, thank you for this post and thank you Violeta for sharing my question. I really enjoyed the benefits of olive oil and merely tried coconut because of it’s plentiful reviews. I still like it but I can see it’s not an oil I can use in spritz form. I’ll try your method and see how things go after my week’s trial.

    I also wonder what type do you have? I bought a pure cold pressed refined version and I was concerned that ‘refined’ may be why it had a drying effect?

    P.S. apply with my hands in of a spray has help a little

    Thanks again!! NL

    • I’ve got the cold pressed kind but it is unrefined. That could be the difference however there are some folks who seem to get the same reaction as I do from the unrefined.

      Yes it would be a bit difficult to use coconut oil as a spritz unless your house is always above 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit).

      I’ll look forward to reading about your experience and you are welcome!

      • It seems to be the case. The refined version doesn’t have a scent either, which was notably disappointing (assuming the unrefined type does indeed smell of coconut). I’ll be starting a trial of cold pressed sweet almond oil after my next wash. WIth the vitamins it is said to contain I’m hoping for positive results!

        • Yes the unrefined definitely has a strong coconut smell and flavor but it does decrease as it ages. I guess that comes from not being able to seal the container in the same way as when you first get it.

          Also I think the good part is contained in what’s refined out.

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  6. I need your help and wisdom. I’ve had locs now for 4 years and I’m pleased with how they are looking however I would like to strengthen scalp and increase growth. My hair isn’t as thick as I would like it to be either. I want shine and a healthy scalp. What would you recommend?

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