What in the Heck is This Blog About?

Hi, I’m msfullroller and welcome to my new little corner of the ‘net as I’m just moving into the neighborhood from out-of-town. lol  I moved my blog from the Blogger/Blogspot platform.  This blog is gonna cover my wide array of interests as I’m a student of life…meaning I’m a learn as I do type of gal.  That also means I’m in no way an expert…just a Jill of many trades and master of none. However, I am striving to master a few of ’em. lol   I also like to do DIY application of the knowledge that I’ve learned. I’m an ordinary, eclectic, sometimes eccentric woman trying to find her place in this world sharing what little I know on the quest to live freely and be me.

13 thoughts on “What in the Heck is This Blog About?

  1. Hi msfullroller, how lovely to hear from you! It’s Maxizone. I guess we’re all learning, growing and changing. I’ll be sure to drop by and keep up-to-date with all your nuggets of wisdom!

  2. Hi Msfullroller, thought I’d introduce my self as Violeta kindly led me to your blog. I wanted to say thanks for following my dread journey and widening the loc community.

    Have a great one! NaturaLocs 🙂

  3. Hi Msfullroller, I got braids put in on 7/28/12 to start my braidlocks. I would like to get more info on the lock process. No one in my area knows about braidlocks. There are a few consultants for sisterlocks that I thought about trying.

    • Hi Lori! I did not see this comment until after I emailed you. First, congratulations on starting the locking process. Check out my postings on the blog here under the “My Braidlocks” tab at the top of the blog and feel free to shoot me questions you may have. Thanks so much for stopping by and make yourself at home here.

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