Birthday Comparison Shot

Another comparison shot. And yes, I wore the same shirt that I had on last year. This happens to be one of my favorite shirts that was a thrift store find at $.75. Yeah, 75 cents! It was originally $1.25 but on certain days, certain colored tags are on anywhere from 25%-50% off. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! Lookin’ cute and fly on the cheap!!!

11 thoughts on “Birthday Comparison Shot

  1. I like it when you wear the same shirt/jacket – that way everything is the same and I can focus on the hair without distractions lol :)I can see GROWTH!

  2. @ Nappy Headed Black Girl: No, I'm in the South. There are 3 thrift stores in my zip code with one a few blocks from my home. You've reminded me that I've got to check out the third store as it's opened in the last year I think. Wow, that's cool that you have a thrift store like that too. I love our thrift stores!

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