Difference in the 2 point rotation vs 3 or 4 point rotation?

I was asked by Anthio-Ofo (when you are done here check out her wonderful blog but not b4 you’re done reading here lol) if the 2 point rotation was fuller than the 3 point which she is using. Since I’ve only done this once on about 3/4 in new growth it’s kinda hard to tell visually. I just took a pick of the top of my head and compared it with the last pic I took of the top back in January using the 4 point. I’m pretty sure the January pic was after retightening and 1 wash whereas the left pic is after retightening & 2 washes. In both pics I have spritzed daily. Y’all see any difference?

Changing my retightening schedule…again

Here we go again but practice makes perfect right?!. Anyway, I finished re-tightening my hair last Tuesday after starting on the previous Thursday my entire head. Really though that “session” was the fastest one yet. I only did 2 rows the first day (I start from the back), Sunday and nothing at all on Monday. So that means the real progress was on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday.

Well, remember I said that I was going to change and do the back, sides and up to the crown every 4 weeks and do the entire head on the 8 week mark? What the heck was I thinking!! It took longer to do the top than the back on this last re-ti. Granted it had been a bit longer than 8 weeks for the top but it was taking way too long to do each row since of course I had lots more new growth. So, I will go back to my 4 week schedule for the entire head.

However, I did implement the change and will stick with…for now( lol) doing the top portion utilizing the 2 point rotation. I did it this time and though there’s not much of it but I can feel the difference in the re-tightened portion that I just did compared to the portion done earlier with the 4 point rotation. It looks a bit fuller and is softer. I’m also gonna do 3 point on the remaining locs. The portion right above my ears in the back is the tightest and seemingly slowest growing portion so a lot of those were getting only 3 turns of the 4 point rotation anyway. That one last turn would really be too tight and make my scalp HURT. Been there done that with that section and let me tell you if I have not already done so it ain’t no joke. Like I said in my demonstration video there’s not point in having a sore head. If there is only a little bit of new growth left, leave it. This is where I have noticed where you tend to catch the hairs of the ajacent loc when you are really close to the scalp. That too is painful trying to release it and when trying to cut those few hairs, you run the risk of cutting the lock. Haven’t cut and entire loc yet thank goodness! So like I said it ain’t (yes I said ain’t..more than once) worth it.

Her’s a pic b4 & after retightening + 2 washes:

Latching/Interlocking Demonstration

Here’s a video that I did on my YouTube channel demonstrating how I interlock/latch my roots as maintenance for my braidlocks. It’s minus the 2 month update. In it I show how I do the 4 point rotation using a homemade tool made from a paperclip and duct tape.

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