Another comparison pic

I decided to do another comparison pic to see if I could see any difference from the one year mark till now. It looks like the front locs in the current pic are much more defined than they were at 1 year. They’ve also condensed more, so the right side and top is a bit shorter. However the ones on the front left side which started locking very early on in the process are showing more length. It’s hard to see the changes like this when you are looking at your own head everyday. What y’all think?

1-5 It’s All The Way Live- The Locs @ 15months

Just a quick entry showing the locs at 15 months yesterday. The pic on the bottom is from last year at this time when the locs were 3 months old. This is when they had shrunk like crazy from it’s starting length. When I look at this I can really see the growth.

Now for all my old school crew; lets jam!