Diversity is Natural Law

…It’s when I look at these types of videos, I see how truly beautiful the world is. Nature, music, dance, flowing robes–they touch my soul in unimaginable ways. Then I think of all those that want to change the world by combining all people under one belief system, one race, one tradition… If we were all the same, then every piece of art, clothing, and architecture around the world would be the same. What would inspire us then? What would make our hearts skip a beat, bring tears to our eyes and sappy smiles to our lips? There is beauty in diversity. If only we could all find a way to see it, appreciate it, and accept it…”

Violetta @ Oceangrins

This part of the post reminded me of a conversation I had with a someone last summer at my local Farmer’s Market. In my comment to Violetta’s post,  I said that this is such a beautifully written statement and that I had come to the same conclusion but got there from a different angle. Here’s my winding mind trip. 🙂

Shortly after I bought my home, I got enthusiastic about flowers because I wanted to see something in my yard  that was more interesting to look at than grass. Also my home is a small cottage style bungalow and what’s more fitting for a cottage than flowers and plants. Plants to me are Momma Nature’s paint on a canvas put together as a beautiful painting and Prozac for the soul. So, I read up on what flowers/shrubs grew best in my climate, their requirements etc.  Later I ventured into bird and butterfly watching, also a little bit of herb and vegetable gardening. It is here where my philosophy came together.

As I observed and learned about many different plants, I was awestruck at the awesome beauty and power of nature and that Spirit/God whatever you call it is ever-present in everything.  The diversity within each plant species is mind-boggling as many of the vegetable we eat are related to or in the family of a flower you might see. I believe that the divine plan for how humans are to behave is written in nature.

Let me explain where I’m coming from. Plants grow best in regions where the climate matches their requirements. Some plants have a wider range of places where they will do well while others will only grow in certain places.  Many of the plants that only grow well in certain places of the world have minerals and nutrients that the human body needs to operate at optimum levels.

This is the tool I think that the Divine Creator intended to be used to facilitate cooperation and positive dialog between humans with each other and the Earth. After all, humans are supposed to be the more “intelligent” species.   IMHO, if this were not the intention, then all plants would grow in the all areas of the world year round.  We know this is not true. For example, the tomato, a plant everyone knows about, will not grow in temps below 50 degrees. That’s why in the winter in all but the warmest areas of the globe, the tomatoes you find at your local grocery store have shipped in.

Diversity and cooperation takes place in the natural world, 24/7/365 days a year and has been for hundreds of thousands of years. Some plants especially the ones where we eat the “fruit” need to be pollinated for fruit/flower production.  Reproduction is key as this is where the seeds for the new generation of plants come from the fruit and or flowers . Many depend on insects such as bees and wasps to perform this vital function. Others depend on the wind to do this. Some have both male and female parts and don’t need a third-party. But all depend on the life-giving rays of the Sun and the sustaining nourishment of rain including humans as we are extremely dependent upon those two resources much more than a lot of plants are. The Sun helps our bodies manufacture Vitamin D as no food naturally contains it. The cactus and many succulent plants can go months without water. Humans can not.

30 Day Challenge-Day 29, 30

5 weird things you like

Now I don’t think these things are weird but here goes:



Salt & Vinegar Potato chips

French Fries with Ranch Dressing

An honest person.


And finally, Day 30 of this challenge ( a month that has been stretched out to over 6 months lol).


One thing you are excited for

The chance to live my life authentically.

30 Day Challenge-Day 25, 26, 27, 28

Something you’re currently worried about

The state of the world.

Things you like/dislike about yourself

I like that I’m tenacious and not quite what one expects.  I dislike that I’m a bit of a worrywart.

A quote you try to live by

“Treat others the way you’d like to be treated”

Somewhere you’d like to move to/visit

I have not decided yet where I’d like to move to if given the chance. I’d like to visit all the places I have not been to. Then I might be able to say where I’d like to move to. 😉

30 day Challenge-Day 24

I’m making an effort to not be the typical Aries by leaving a bunch of projects unfinished. I’m still setting up house here at WordPress but I thought I’d do a post so I’m going to finish the 30 day blog challenge that I started last summer.  I left off with day 24.

5 words/phrases that make you laugh

Just heard this one today from an acquaintance.

” My doctor told me I needed to lose some weight and make damn sure I don’t find it again!”

From the movie “Unforgiven”.

“You just shot an unarmed man.” Will’s slow monotone reply, ” Well he shoulda armed himself.”

Somebody did not think this all the way through.

“Slaughter & Sons” What made this funny to me is that this was the name of a funeral home. No joke.

My grandmom.

“Ironing board butt”

From the movie “As Good as it Gets”

 “Sell crazy some place else. We’re all stocked up here.”

Got some content finally!

For the past couple of hours I’ve been figuring out how to work this WordPress blog. As I mentioned in the “About” page, I learn as I do. That’s code for lots of trial and error, error and trial. lol  Anywho, I’ve moved my content from my other blog here. However, I see I’m gonna have to add the tags back so that they will fall into the categories I’ve set up for you guys that may be reading for specific content like my locs etc. And I may have to repost my pics and videos as I plan to close that blog.  That will come later as it’s almost 3:00 am and I’m tired. Shoot this is like moving in real life! 🙂



When I get this all figured out, you’ll see something on here! lol I’ve moved in from another neighborhood so I’ve got to learn my way around here and unpack. 🙂

Stay tuned.

30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 21, 22 & 23

How do I hope my future will be like

Hmm, actually the answer to this is pretty much the same as Day 19’s answer which you’ll find here. To elaborate a bit more I’d like to see my urban property transformed to a sustainable oasis where I can get a large portion of my food right outside my doors. And to further expand that right in my own neighborhood with neighbors helping each other since everyone’s properties has different conditions. Some properties have more sun than others, with slightly different elevations etc that are conducive to different plants growing requirements. Basically a sustainable organic neighborhood garden so that everyone has access to nutritional food.

Food & water is a common need amongst us all and I’d really like to see neighborhoods of people of all races coming together to work toward the evolution of the human race and our planet. Also the elimination, eradication and transformation of this doctrine that man is at the top of the hierarchy with the right to exploit the natural resources and other beings on this planet. Without it there will be no future for anyone.

Your academics

My formal education consists of and associates degree in business with an additional 1 year of courses towards a BS in accounting.

Something that I miss

I so miss being able to go bike riding. Where I live now, there are no bike paths and riding on the streets will get you run slap over.

30 Day Challenge-Day 18, 19, 20

A problem that you have had

Emotional eating with sweets. I already love sweets and when I’m feeling depressed it’s one of the first things I reach for. To make matters worse I don’t just eat a little bit. I’ve gotten better at controlling this because it does not make me feel good, literally.

5 items you lust after

What I lust after are not things but a way of being.

1) I’d like to be financially secure to where I don’t have to feel bad about spending money. This is not to say I would become a spendthrift…definitely not.
2) Continuing #1, to where I can donate funds to those in need.
3) Continuing #1, to where I can share knowledge.
4) Being at peace
5) Being confident

Your fears

I fear having my back exposed. Now I’m not talking about the infamous pants that Prince wore to one of those music awards show back in the day, where the backside was cut out. What I’m referring to is me having others backs but when the chips are down, no one has my back. For those of you who have family that you can count on no matter what, you are blessed. For some of us, that is dream.

30 Day Challenge

Yavinah has got a really cool blog challenge that she is doing and thought it would be fun thing to do. Plus it’ll push me back into the habit of posting. It’s not like I don’t have anything to talk about. The thing is, I have been being a bit introspective of late and spending my internet time elsewhere. BajanLily another super awesome lady has also joined in as well. Check these ladies’ blogs as out they are fantastic..the blogs and the ladies too. I’m glad to be following their writings. Alrighty, here are the topics for the next 30 days:

I hope that you can read this, especially if you will be to joining in on this challenge. They’ve already started so naturally, I’m gonna be a few days behind. Darn, I’m always late to the party…well not always. But that’s alright. It’ll be quite interesting to read everyone’s thoughts.

OK, I’ll see ya in a bit with day 1.