30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 21, 22 & 23

How do I hope my future will be like

Hmm, actually the answer to this is pretty much the same as Day 19’s answer which you’ll find here. To elaborate a bit more I’d like to see my urban property transformed to a sustainable oasis where I can get a large portion of my food right outside my doors. And to further expand that right in my own neighborhood with neighbors helping each other since everyone’s properties has different conditions. Some properties have more sun than others, with slightly different elevations etc that are conducive to different plants growing requirements. Basically a sustainable organic neighborhood garden so that everyone has access to nutritional food.

Food & water is a common need amongst us all and I’d really like to see neighborhoods of people of all races coming together to work toward the evolution of the human race and our planet. Also the elimination, eradication and transformation of this doctrine that man is at the top of the hierarchy with the right to exploit the natural resources and other beings on this planet. Without it there will be no future for anyone.

Your academics

My formal education consists of and associates degree in business with an additional 1 year of courses towards a BS in accounting.

Something that I miss

I so miss being able to go bike riding. Where I live now, there are no bike paths and riding on the streets will get you run slap over.

5 thoughts on “30 Day Blog Challenge-Day 21, 22 & 23

  1. I love Day 21s sentiments!  I agree wholeheartly!   I love bike riding too.  I will be purchasing a new bike in the near future.  Are there any greenways or parks near your home?  I plan to ride my bike there.  I absolutely abhor riding on the city streets –  much too dangerous!

  2. Thanks Sis! Yes there are but you can't ride bikes there which is somewhat understandable because they are walking trails which are not wide. Wow that's so cool that you will be getting a bike. It is the most efficient means of transportation IMHO and you get exercise to boot that's fun.  

  3. That is a great future goal.  Having food growing for everyone in the neighborhood, is the way we use to operate.  Before they started shipping food in to stores.  =0) You truly are a inspiration~!!

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