An Almost 4 year Comparison of My Braidlocks

Since I have pics for the previous 4 years of this date (2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012) of my locs I thought I’d do another collage.  As always I try to wear the same clothing in the pics so that it is easier to focus on any difference in the hair . Also to prove to myself that my locs have grown. 🙂 And to encourage you all to document your journey in pictures, whether you make it public or keep it private, it’s awesome to see how far you’ve come along with how much your locs have transformed. I have transformed a lot as well. 😉 In what way has the locking process affected you or not?

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10 thoughts on “An Almost 4 year Comparison of My Braidlocks

  1. hi loving the pics of your hair!!!
    now as for how my loc journey has changed me , well they make me more aware of my natural beauty and help me embrace the person i am . this is my second set of locs and with this set its like i feel and think differently. im guessing its my age catching up with my brain

  2. Tracking your hair and wearing the same outfit is a great idea. Wish I’d thought of it lol Looks like you’ve been growing nicely. Awesome job.

    Dreading has affected me by making me more of aware of how ignorant many of us are about our hair. Once I really got into natural hair, I was surprised at how badly I–and many other women I know–treated my hair.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      This comment was in the spam pile as well. LOL maybe it’s doing that because of your name and the spam catcher is a natural hair supporter mistaking you for one of those buttholes. If the next comment you leave is in the spam pile, then it might well be it. 😉

      I love your perspective on dreadlocking our hair. Sadly, what you have stated is so true. 😦

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