7 months today

Y’all my braidlocks are 7 months old today. More of my hair in the back up to the crown area is further along the process in that they are budding & compacting more. This is taking place on curly q portion. The majority of those have the 2 textures of the interlocking at the top and the curly q now budding/meshed & tight portion at the bottom. Many have shrunk down from 7-1/2 inches to 3-1/2 inches or a little longer. Wow! I’m so glad that I took a picture of where I started from and that one lock that I could still stretch last month as it has now gotten with the program and can’t be stretched any where near that far. Otherwise, I might think that my hair is not growing. Now I know that’s not true as I always have something to be re tighten and that can’t all be slippage. lol

That brings me to the point that I wanted to mention to anyone who is considering locking that is starting out with 5+ inches of hair and will be latching/interlocking for maintenance. If your hair shrunk a lot when it was loose you are probably going to experience a lot of shrinkage while locking too. You’ll be wondering, oh where, oh where has my length gone?! Not to worry. Your hair is indeed growing. I think I see a bit of growth on the nape row. Remember I said before that this was the first area that started the locking process.

I wonder if the twice daily spritzing has speed up the process because changes really started picking up after I started doing this in the later part of month 5 and into the 7th month. Now I wish that I took advantage of daily rinsing when I first installed the braids since it was in the hottest summer month with at least 2 more months of hot weather to go. Duh!! I fully intend on doing that this summer. My hair seems to love water. For the winter months I’ll have to stick to spritzing. My sinus passages let me know that they DO NOT like for me to go outside with a wet or even damp head in the cooler months. Trust me, waking up in the am feeling like someone has a jack hammer going across your eyes and head is not funny.

Yep, the frizzies are really kicking in now but I’m totally cool with that and holding my head up higher than ever before. Friday, the Sun moved in to my sign Aries and my birthday is next week so that may have a little bit to do with it too. lol

Here are some pics. That reminds me I gotta update the Fotki.