The Freedom of My Locs

Ahhh, the freedom of my locs. This thought occurred to me the other day while reading another blog on natural hair. The young lady had to take a trip out of town and there was a situation with her luggage. It basically boiled down to her products that she had with her to style her hair did not make it with her so she was wondering what she was going to do or if the town she arrived at would have the products available for purchase.

Well, a few weeks ago, my mother had to go in for a liver biopsy. The doctor said that she would need some one to drive her home so I went with her and ended up spending the night unplanned. The results came back negative so nothing to worry about. The next morning we had to go and take care of some business unrelated to the biopsy. Where am I going with this?

  1. I did not have to worry about my hair at all.
  2. I did not have to worry as I did with the Jheri juice curl that Mom may not have had any of those conditioning caps for me to put on my head so that I would not mess up her pillowcase.
  3. I did not have to worry as I did when my hair was permed that I did not have my products with me like gels, pomades, combs, brushes and rollers so that I could “fix” my hair to be presentable. My “style” at that time consisted of a ponytail since my hair was not long enough to be presentable just hanging down freestyle as I wear it now with my locs. When it was much shorter I had to have my do-rag so that it would lay down.
  4. How could I forget about all the crap needed to maintain that Jheri curl. Y’all know you could not go one day without putting that stuff in your head otherwise it would feel like straw.

Now that’s what I call freedom from the hair drama.