Still movin & smoothin’

Hey y’all! I’m sitting here drinking another green smoothie. Well it’s more like a dark olive green but a smoothie it is. I tried something new in it today. I’ve got some “Big Red” mustard greens that I’m growing for the first time so I put a couple of leaves of that in, spinach which took it up to 2 cups of greens, frozen cherries, blueberries, a fresh plum, coconut creme , 1 heaping 1/2 teaspoon of mullein powder (used for respiratory ailments like sinus congestion), cinnamon, nutmeg and almond milk. I get the coconut creme from the same place I get my coconut oil from. That’s It tastes pretty good. The mustard greens are not as strong as I thought they would be. That’s why I only used a couple of big leaves and finished the rest out with spinach. If you are trying green smoothies for the first time I recommend that you use spinach leaves. They are much milder than say kale or the other greens. Combined with the fruit, you don’t even taste them. The Big Red mustard green are classified as ornamental but are edible as well. My kind of plant though I think all fruits and vegetables are beautiful. The colors and combination of colors when they are put together is nothing short of a miracle.

Well, today makes 3 weeks of walking at least 5 times a week. Most weeks it has been 6 days. Of course life happens so I have not been able to do all 7 days but that’s ok because these past 3 weeks is more than I have done physical fitness wise than the past year. We are up to 7 miles non stop walking except for the occasion re-tie of the shoe and rock removal. Sometimes I even felt like jogging a tiny ways and I do mean tiny.

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Getting healthier the green smoothie way

Hey y’all! For the past 2 weeks actually, I’ve been participating directly and indirectly in a YouTube green smoothie challenge. I’m really glad that she had the challenge as it’s put a fire under my butt to get more fruits and green leafy vegetables that I would not normally eat on a regular basis in my diet. It’s been going on in 10 day segments. The new one started today.

It’s also motivated me to start back exercising. It’s been raining here a lot lately but it was dry enough for DH and I to get out and play volleyball the Saturday before last for the first time in a long long time. Starting this past Wednesday we went to the park that’s very close to the house. It has a “lake” with a walking trail around it that is 1 mile around. Forgive me but when you’ve grown up around one of the Great Lakes you tend to poke fun at anything that is labeled as a lake. To me it’s a pond at best or more like a watering hole. lol Anyway I’ve been walking almost every day doing at least 3 miles, doing 4 miles most days. I intend on keeping this up and on the days the weather is just too bad, I’ll put on some Funkadelic, James Brown, Micheal & Janet Jackson and dance! Yeah! As another one of the YouTuber’s I’m subscribed to says “Move your Meat!”