Getting healthier the green smoothie way

Hey y’all! For the past 2 weeks actually, I’ve been participating directly and indirectly in a YouTube green smoothie challenge. I’m really glad that she had the challenge as it’s put a fire under my butt to get more fruits and green leafy vegetables that I would not normally eat on a regular basis in my diet. It’s been going on in 10 day segments. The new one started today.

It’s also motivated me to start back exercising. It’s been raining here a lot lately but it was dry enough for DH and I to get out and play volleyball the Saturday before last for the first time in a long long time. Starting this past Wednesday we went to the park that’s very close to the house. It has a “lake” with a walking trail around it that is 1 mile around. Forgive me but when you’ve grown up around one of the Great Lakes you tend to poke fun at anything that is labeled as a lake. To me it’s a pond at best or more like a watering hole. lol Anyway I’ve been walking almost every day doing at least 3 miles, doing 4 miles most days. I intend on keeping this up and on the days the weather is just too bad, I’ll put on some Funkadelic, James Brown, Micheal & Janet Jackson and dance! Yeah! As another one of the YouTuber’s I’m subscribed to says “Move your Meat!”

4 thoughts on “Getting healthier the green smoothie way

  1. i love your smoothie vids!! my dad is an avid juicer/ smoothier (is that a word as well adn I get to try all the cool concoctions. Its fun! i need to make more smoothies my darn self and you certainly inspire me to want to. Love the blog lock sister! keep it up! and might i add your lock are looking phenomenal. Im sure those smoothie aint hurtin the growth process either!

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