Frugality Should Never Go Out of Style

Thanks to one of my YouTube subscribers for alerting me to this, so I thought I’d share. The video is of an interview done with Amy Dacyczyn known as the “Frugal Zealot” in the 80’s I think. She is the author of the “The Tightwad Gazette”. This is another book that I used as inspiration on my way to becoming debt-free. Some of her methods are a bit extreme but I feel that it is a springboard to be used to stimulate ideas of your own. Many times we just give up, thinking it does not make a difference when looking at the whole situation. But a journey is made manifest by taking one step at a time. That leads to the next step and another one comes after that and on and on. I totally agree with her when she says in this interview that frugality should not just be practiced when in recession but when times are good as well. It may not prevent the recession from occurring but I believe things would not be a hard as they are right now if this had been done.