Curly Locs

Hey everyone. I had 2 graduations to attend on last Thursday so I decided to wear the same style I wore to the wedding, remember the curly bangs, puff and french rolled bottom? Yeah that one. I did this out of laziness for 1) I wanted to do a twistout but got lazy at the thought of 2 strand twisting my whole head and 2) it was going to be warmer than it was for the wedding thereby justifying the need to not wear the hair down, but up and getting me out of (you guessed it) 2 strand twisting my whole head. I warned y’all in the beginning I’m really lazy when it comes to styling my hair. lol Anyway, instead of roller setting the puff (mainly ’cause I did not want to sleep on those hard rollers again in which case I got NO sleep whatsoeva) I did a modified bantu knotout. After washing my hair, I just grabbed sections of hair, spraying it with a bit of aloe vera juice ( did’nt have any aloe vera gel) then loosely 2 strand twisted it so that it would be easier to fold/rolled over as if I was putting the hair on a roller and then put a small ouchless band around the base to secure it. I liked this method of curling but I have to remember the next time I do it, to start earlier in the day or the day before and keep the sections small. The right side was done in larger sections that were not quite dry by the next morning when I had to take them down, so the curl is much looser on that side.

I completely forgot to take pictures of the puff (it was a very long day), but I did take pictures of the curls that remained the following day. (Edited to add: this is actually 3 days later. It just dawned on me to look at the date when these were taken). I’m really surprised the curls held up since it was quite humid, more than it was on the day of the wedding. When I was a permie, trying to keep curls in anything above 1% humidity was a complete waste of time. I guess because my puff was so full, my niece-in-law’s aunt thought I had a hair piece on. lol Y’all know I proudly told her “no sweetie, it’s all mine”!