My First Braidout Updo

Hey everyone! I hope that this finds you all well.

I wanted to do a braidout on my locs the next morning but I had to go out. I knew I was going to be gone for a while and wanted the braids to stay in for more than 12 hours. The braids would have been in for 24 hours or more if I had thought to put them in earlier before going out that morning. Since there really was no rhyme, reason or method to the braiding, it did not look good enough for me to step out of the house like that.




See what I mean? Call me vain but this was not cuttin’ it. 😉 Now I probably had about 12-13 braids in. I spritzed each hunk with a bit of water before braiding, securing the ends with ouchless bands. Then I just pinned them however I thought looked good. Here’s the finished product.


Not to shabby and I could certainly live with that better than before though for some reason the expression on my face does not reflect it.  Well, I did just come from seeing my aunt for the last time as all this was in preparation for her funeral the next day.

Here’s the resulting braidout the next morning. I was not able to get a pic right after I took the braids down so this is 15 hours or so later. It was hot & humid all day with a bit of rain so of course the curls dropped some and with the small number of braids, the curls were a little loose from the start.



I really loved the result. I’m so glad that my locs are much longer than the last time I did a braidout because this time it only took about 20 minutes to do the braids. If my locs had been spritzed prior, it probably would have taken even less time. The only thing I may do different the next time is add one or two more braids on the left side so that the updo will be a bit more balanced and the curls a bit tighter.




17 thoughts on “My First Braidout Updo

  1. wow! i can’t believe how long your hair has gotten. your locs look gorgeous!!! and i like the braid out updo idea.

    • Hey Naturalocs! Sad to say it’s only my second braidout in almost 4 years but it’s the first one where I could style the prepatory braids before the braidout. My first braidout was done a few months after the 2 year mark. However my locs were a bit too short resulting in a lot of braids that I could not figure out how to style without looking totally crazy. Lol

      Thanks hun for stopping by…glad to hear from you!

  2. Can I say this here? That first photo! Gasp! Have you ever really looked at your face? Those eyes! It’s a Pluto/Uranus thing. Look. Beautiful… and it contains answers and questions and answers to those questions. (ps. feel free to delete this comment). Where are you? Mars transit perhaps?

    • Hey AstroSis! People have commented on my eyes though I don’t see it at all. lol Thanks and thanks for checking up on me. I’ve been withdrawn and depressed a bit before Mars hit the 12th. I think it’s also Chiron, Uranus and Pluto aspecting my Sun.

      You can comment here anytime and thanks again for the comment…it lifted my heavy heart this morning and made me smile. 🙂 I’ll be back to catch up with you later.

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