30 Day Challenge-Day 16 & 17

Something you always think “what if” about

To be honest, I often wonder what if, I had never gotten married (twice) and stayed single. It’s not that I’m unhappy. I just wonder if my life would have gone in the same general direction that it has taken or would I have gone down an entirely different path. Who knows?

Something you are proud of

Those of you who have been with me from my blog’s beginnings already know the answer to this question. That is getting 100% debt free (including the mortgage) in my 40th year on this planet. I wanted to accomplish that on my 40th birthday, however I achieved it exactly 2 months and 1 day after my birthday and I am extremely proud of that. June 2, 2011, marks 5 years of debt freedom.

5 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge-Day 16 & 17

  1. Sis I wanted to tell you that I am proud to know you!!  Debt free was a nice goal to have and it's even better to know that you reached that goal~!!  I have been married before as well.  I often wonder what my life what have been like if i didn't make that decision to marry.  I was a foster mother in my first marriage so really I don't want to think like that because I wouldn't of had a opportunity to meet her and loved her as much as I do.  Great blog…keep them coming~!! 

  2. LOL! I’m glad to hear you say that you are setting a goal as I think it helps get the 8th house Aries energy focused. Once focused, it’s onward! lol I also think that it’s the rarely talked about aspect of the 8th house. In addition IMHO, it shows a positive use of an 8th house Sun/Mars in aspect to Uranus/Pluto in the 1st that I hope inspires others to push toward and achieve that goal.  

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