30 Day Challenge-Day 7

5 Pet Peeves

The challenge list is here.

1) Using up the last of something and not replacing it.

2) Hearing a male say of the mother of his child/children “she got pregnant”. As if she was impregnated by invetro or something. My reply of “Oh some other guy is the father?” gets the wrinkled brow look.

3) Treating the earth like it’s a disposable diaper. Where else are you gonna live?

4) Stupidity. No problem if you don’t know but doing the same thing that’s not working or got you in trouble the first time and then doing it again, over and over? Nah, uh uh.

5) Talking to the older generation about the unsustainable system they bought into, and what needs to change so that we (the ones that are behind you) can have a world to live in. Then they say “I hope I’m dead and gone soon”. WTH kind of answer is that!!! You are supposed to be the elders the wise ones, that teach and help the generations behind you progress so they can help the generations behind them and on down the line. The attitude of I got mine is childish. I expect that from a 5 year old not a 65 year old.

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