18 months

18 months today and I could not be happier with my locs. I think they are still condensing in the back. Definitely it is the case in the top. Most of my ends are pretty much sealed but there are a few curly Qs which I think give them character and pizazz. I’m still lovin the journey though. Y’all know I’m hooked on comparison pics so here goes. lol

16 thoughts on “18 months

  1. @ Evelyn: Will do and thanks so much!@ Nique & Brown ButtahFly: Thanks y'all!@ AfroLady: Aww thanks that means a lot to me. You guys have given me so much support and I really appreciate that.

  2. @ PhePhi: Thanks Sis and you are coming up on that milestone yourself.@ Thandi: Thanks Sis. I just peeped over at you blog and Fotki and oh my have you come a long way. Beautiful progress!@ College Term Papers: Thanks! And thanks for stopping by!

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