The Freedom of My Locs-cont’d

While shampooing my locs one day, a continuation of the “Freedom of My Locs” post came to mind.

  1. Using the natural soaps, I can also use my mix as a body wash or break off a piece of the chunk and use it as is. This is great because I don’t have to have soap and shampoo which has freed up a lot of cabinet space. In a small bathroom, that makes a huge difference. It also cuts down on the number of chemicals absorbed through my skin. Don’t know if this is related but I have not had as many colds as I’ve had in the past. As emotionally trying this past year has been I have not had one cold. This is very unusual for me because when my emotions are taken through the fire, that’s when I get sick. I was doing the same with Dr. Bronner’s though I’m still using it as a body wash until I use it up. Then I’ll decide whether to go with the black soap for head to toe cleaning. It’s looking like I will be doing that.
  2. Since the African Black Soap leaves my locs clean and soft, I don’t use a rinse out type conditioner. Again that’s one less bottle of product to go in my bathroom cabinet.
  3. My shealoe mix that I’ve tinkered with, serves as my leave-in conditioner and moisturizer for my locs. It also serves as an all over body moisturizer including my face. That’s a minimum of 3 bottles/jars of product eliminated as I used to have all that stuff in the cabinet.

Less stuff to have to buy. Ahh, the freedom of my locs! Have I mentioned that I’m lovin my locs?!

3 thoughts on “The Freedom of My Locs-cont’d

  1. hehehe!!! Just found this post… loved it. I’m using Dr. Bronner’s too. I love that I can use it for my hair, body and face. It actually comes out cheaper than if I were to buy 3 separate soaps esp since i had to use a particular shampoo and conditioner when I went natural. Yah, so I totally get: “Ahh, the freedom of my locs! Have I mentioned that I’m lovin my locs?” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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