Snow where it usually does not

Here’s the view into my backyard from my window this afternoon. For those of you in the northern states that have already been inundated with snow are probably saying that’s nothing compared to what we’ve got going on. I’m originally from your neck of the woods as I may have mentioned before so I’m all too familiar with snow. Familiar…but still don’t like it. But I now live in here in the South where this is not a normal event. It’s finally stopped snowing but the temperature is going to be below freezing tonight and that’s going to cause major problems on the roads. However, I’m grateful for shelter, warm clothing and heat and that I don’t have to get out in it.

How’s the weather where y’all are?

2 thoughts on “Snow where it usually does not

  1. Hey Sis! The sun came out here as well but there is still snow in places where it could accumulate and stick easier than say the sidewalks. It's supposed to rain tommorrow so the rest should be washed away. Thanks for stopping by!

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