The Bradelocz Queen shows it can be done

I’m talking about the Bradelocz Queen that I have mentioned in my first few posts on this blog, Cherie King. She’s on You Tube under several different channels but she has one specifically for natural hair and body stuff and it’s appropriately named Naturalhairandbody.

She posted a vlog showing her milestone of reaching waist length hair. Yes, ladies it can be done. There also is a lady on who has butt length small locs, though I’m not sure how she started them but she maintains by latching. Gorgeous!!!

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3 thoughts on “The Bradelocz Queen shows it can be done

  1. WOW!! i remember when she started her journey. i actually conversed w/her a few times via email before i decided to get sisterlocks in 2003. i had no idea that her locs had gotten sooooo long. thanks msfullroller!!

  2. Wow! She seems to be a gentle spirit to me. Girl, I was floored when I found it it was her that subscribed to my You Tube channel. I'm forever grateful to her for putting the information out there for Bradelocz cuz I really wanted Sisterlocks but could not afford them.

  3. So nice to hear Cherie King's voice. I came to locs through her bradelocz method b4 I decided to change over to sisterlocks. I still use her original method of retightening, but I use a yarn needle instead of latch-hook.

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