Stormy Weather and unexpected gifts

I was going through my post list looking for new comments to old posts and came across this draft that I completely forgot about dated 4/14/09. It’s still relevant even though it was done 3 months ago. lol

I hope that everything is OK where you live. Storms came through here, bringing with them high straight line winds early Monday morning so I’ve been without power for almost 2 days. It went out at 2:15 am and I just got power back about an hour ago around 4:45 pm. It’s reminded me how 1) Procrastination sometimes pays off, 2) Reducing/eliminating meat intake pays off in ways other than health and 3) how dependent we are on electricity.

Yes, I procrastinate sometimes though I’m looking at it in a positive way or maybe trying to justify it. lol What I mean by looking at it in a positive way is that I being an Aries, have a tendency to be impatient, make snap decisions and charge forward without thinking. Basically leaping without looking first. This characteristic was very prominent when I was younger. Now that I’m more seasoned lol I think a bit more, sometimes too much. That’s my Virgo rising which has become much more pronounced in my persona. What does that have to do with stormy weather or anything for that matter you ask or for some of you other Sun/Rising signs not known for patience ahem, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, you’re probably saying get to the point already!?! lol OK, I was planning on going grocery shopping this past Friday and for one reason or another, probably laziness, I did not go.
Since I did not go grocery I did not have extra stuff that had to be refrigerated and with this 38 hour power outage that could have been longer, I did not have to worry about loosing food that I just spent hard earned money on.

That leads me to the second point of reducing/eliminating meat intake. I’ve significantly reduced the amount of meat that my husband and I eat over the last 3-5 years. Since we still like to eat out on occasion, I’ve decided to cook very little meat at home. We still eat salmon. That translates into having very little meat in the freezer that could have spoiled in this prolonged power outage. The goal is to get to 100% vegetarian in the next year or two.

Lastly, we have become very dependent on electricity for day to day living. Now admittedly, I really enjoy the Internet as I’ve met some wonderful people in just the last year or so and missed not being able to go online for almost 2 days. However, I enjoyed the sounds of nature and things other than electronic noises. I went back to my first love of reading books. Some people were complaining about the loss of electricity but it got neighbors outside talking to each other. Though for the most part it was the neighbors that usually talk to one another anyway but still it got people… out of the house and into nature. Since hubby & I canceled satellite TV a couple of weeks ago and we do not use A/C, the power outage was just a minor inconvenience. That’s another way my procrastination paid off. I was looking into go with bare bones basic cable TV service since they were offering a package with the broadband I already have with them that was cheaper than what I was paying with satellite and broadband service. Well on my birthday, hubby surprised me by saying he was not going to watch network/cable TV anymore. What?! Who are you and what have you done with my husband? Y’all I love this man but this is the same man who complained the last time the satellite was out because the dish had gotten misaligned and they could not come out for 2 days to fix it?! Whew, I’m so glad I had not already called to change over to cable because having to cancel that soon after starting it I’m sure they would have charged me a cancellation fee.

Well, that’s my 2 cents for the day.

10 thoughts on “Stormy Weather and unexpected gifts

  1. LOL @ the comment u made about your husband. sometimes change is good! i stopped eating any meat that wasn't chicken/fish/turkey 11 years ago and gave up meat completely about 9 months ago. i haven't looked back. and i think it's pretty awesome. keep me posted!!

  2. yes i'm a vegetarian…really, really wishing to become a vegan. i've been doing mega research on it & i find it to be extremely difficult. i suppose if i put my mind to it & became diligent i could do it but, for now, i'm a vegetarian.

  3. also…i was wondering, if u wouldn't mind sharing w/me the steps u took to becoming debt free. i find u to be very inspiring & becoming debt free is something i wouldn't mind being right now…LOL. if u can provide resources, links, etc that would be great. u can email or respond to this post…PLEASE w/sugar on top :-)

  4. I don't mind sharing what I know at all, though I think I'll do it on this blog so that it will hopefully help others as well. I'll still note your email address so if I feel the need to respond to you directly, I can.

  5. I don't mind sharing what I know at all, though I think I'll do it on this blog so that it will hopefully help others as well. I'll still note your email address so if I feel the need to respond to you directly, I can.

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