8 months today!

My locks are 8 months old y’all! The only real changes are they are a bit more frizzier in the areas that moved into the locking process in month 6. The areas that started in month 5 have calmed it’s frizzes down a bit. The front I think will be the last to lock.

I just remembered that I was going to address M*Shawnte’s question on the feel of the lock after re tightening. The 3 & 4 point rotations feel firm whereas the 2 point rotation feels a bit more squishy so I think I’ll (change…yes again) back to the 3 & 4 point. I also experience a bit of bunching like Naturigurl mentioned. It was like the loc was trying to go back through the last rotation done. So I made sure to pull and straighten those out after my weekly wash. Since I’m returning to re tightening my entire head on the 4-4 1/2 week schedule, I should not have to go more than 1 rotation. Unless of course I have a serious growth spurt and I sure won’t complain about that.

Oh and how could I forget the hairballs at the end of 2 of my locs! One is in the front that’s getting a bit annoying because it swings in my face. The other one is in the back that looks like lint on the end. It’s a hairball with a gray hair coil within the hairball. I lovingly refer to it and the other grays in the top as my built in loc jewelry, because my greys are not just grey but they are “metallic silver”. lol

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