I have a Fotki now!

OK y’all I just uploaded all my photos documenting my journey thus far onto Fotki. Check em out.

I told ya I don’t do any styling. lol That’s mainly ’cause I’m low maintenance like I said b4 and I don’t want to disturb the lock process by stretching them. Plus it’s been a bit chilly here lately and the locs feel good on my neck and around my ears. lol I think I’m getting the hang of this blogging thing, but I got lots more to learn.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell y’all, when I was at Walmart yesterday a lady was looking, almost staring at my hair. I think she might have been a bit nervous to say something so I decided to melt the ice a bit by smiling at her. She then complimented me on my hair, asked if I was I locking and who did my hair. I told her yes I was and that I did it myself. She mentioned she was thinking about locking and was currently transitioning out of her relaxer. She also said she did not know where to turn so I told her about YouTube, Nappturality.com and the web on finding out about natural hair and locs, offering encouragement to continue the transition to natural hair. I may have a convert!! Lets hope so.

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Laughter 😉

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