Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. I’m new to this blogging thing so be kind ok. lol

Not really sure which direction I’m going to go with this but it’s probably going to be mostly about my braidlocks and will included posts about other topics as well. Now I am not that much of a writer or talker however if it’s something that’s caught my interest then I can become rather chatty for an introvert. LOL We shall see what happens.

Well for starters I’ve been braidlocked now for 5 1/2 months and loving every minute of it. Why did I lock you ask? Well I’ll tell you, I was growing tired of the monthly ritual of the takedown detangling, and 2 strand twisting of my hair. That was the only protective style that I liked besides braids, but braid takedown was even more time consuming. Coupled with the fact I hated the way I looked in larger twists, this made the monthly ritual even more difficult since I preferred small twists. Protective styling is the best thing for my hair since my goal is to obtain long, healthy hair but as my hair grew longer it was taking longer to do. A better solution was needed to help me get where I wanted to go and since locs are the ultimate protective style, that’s the direction I decided to proceed on. I’ll go more into why I chose braidlocs as opposed to other methods of locking in another post.

I’m a pretty low maintenance gal, however I do like simple, classic, elegant styling and to achieve that, long hair is needed. Now I’m not saying that short hair is not elegant… nothing is further from the truth. But for me, I have always liked the simple pony tails and updos. To get the look that I’m after, I need longer hair so that I don’t have to used a million and one bobby pins to keep it up. A decent lock puff is 1st “styling” goal with the ultimate goal of a real pony tail like the phony pony I have except it’s all my hair. Yes, I still have my phony pony though I never wore it much. I keep it for motivation ’cause that’s where I want to be a few years down the road with my locs.

Locking my hair or going natural for that matter has been a real growth experience for me, taken to another level. A lady asked me the other day if I was locking and what if I wanted to perm again. I answered her with a quickness, a resounding NO! I’ve learned too much thus far to turn back. Must keep moving forward and returning to the perm is definitely taking 2 steps back as far as I’m concerned.

Until next time,
Peace, Love & Laughter

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. I’m very much a beginner but I like the little bit that I have learned so no I’m not anywhere near able to read the cards. lol Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll check yours out as well.

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