The Kreativ Blogger Award x 2

Wow, I’m humbled to be thought of by not just one but two wonderful bloggers, Kumina & Naturigurl for this award. Both of these ladies have taught me a lot and are beautiful sistas on the ‘net so when you’re done here go check out their blogs especially if you’re here for the hair. lol The requirements are to list 7 things you love and pass the award on to 7 bloggers who in turn do the same.

1. I love and am grateful to be debt free. There are really no words to describe the gratitude for being given the means ( and I’m not just talking money as that was not the entire vehicle in which I was able to accomplish this in my 40th year on this planet) but for each and every person, resource and pieces of information that came my way. Some of those came in the form of hard learned lessons but without those too, I don’t think I could have done it.

2. I love food. (OK Nat, I bet you were peeking at my notes lol) but like she says, who doesn’t? Out of all the things I’ve tried I can count on one hand, well maybe two but not all ten fingers, all the things I don’t like. So I guess that tells you this sista loves to eat. Y’all I used to wish I was short and petite. Not anymore…glad to have some height to stretch this weight out. Which leads into number 3.

3. I love to dance. Since I love to eat, it is a form of exercises for me. I’m not very fond of structured aerobics etc so dancing is one of my forms of exercise and a outlet for negative energies. Dancing allows me to just flow.

4. I love music. (as I’m typing this that O’Jays song just popped in my head) Now, I wish I could play an instrument of some kind. Hmmm…maybe that should go on the things I’d like to do before I die list. Anyway….

5. I love being creative and seeing other’s creativity. Now, I’m far from my ideal in terms of creativity but I like to try my hand at it. I love though I can’t always afford handmade whateva it is.

6. I love small homes. My home is small by today’s standards at 836 sq ft and you probably think I’m biased but I’ve always loved smaller homes. Mainly because they challenge you to be creative in how you live in them with many items/rooms having to serve more than one function. Also you can be more creative in how you decorate them. See #5.

7. Last but certainly not the least I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my locs!! They have allowed me to be me. In my younger days I suffered from self esteem issues, like not feeling beautiful ’cause I got big feet(I wear a size 10) and was usually a bit taller than most girls, really shy, nerdy, wear glasses and a whole host of other things. Since I’ve gone natural and now locked and over 40, the confidence level has shot thru the roof. If you would have told me 10 years ago I would be posting videos, pictures and writing on the internet for the world to see, I would have told you that you’re crazy. Wow, times have changed.

I pass this award to the following: Chloe, Empress D’Cali, Vernessie, Itty , Pixie, Phe Phi, Maxizone