45 Years ago today…

Hey guys! I’m finally back and guess what today is…judging by the title I’m sure you already have an idea. It’s my birthday!! For those of you who have been with me for a while especially on YouTube and here as well know that I am the type of woman who is in no way ashamed to tell you my age. lol I’m proud to say that I’m 45, grateful and thankful to have made it thus far cuz thangs could be a lot worse!

Decided to do another loc comparison pick so I put on my favorite shirt and the same jewelry that I had on last year and the year before for this.


Happy Birthday-Number 44

Yep, it’s that time again where I have made it to another year…# 44. As those of you who have followed this blog since last year already know, I don’t mind telling my age at all.

DH and I are getting back from a pretty full day which consisted of bowling and going to one of the mountain nature parks that happens to be minutes from where we live. We went to this park for the first time despite living in the area for almost 10 years, this past Saturday. We also went again today. It is huge with some of the trails having 300 to 1000 ft+ in elevation changes. This means there are some long hills to walk up on some trails and it’s only open from 9-5pm so unless you are in excellent shape, it’s impossible to walk all the trails in one day. We did not get to the park today until 3:30 so whatever trail we were going to do had to walked at a pretty quick pace. The trail we chose today was supposed to be shorter, easier and one way in & out than the ones we did Saturday.

Well, DH chose the Wetland trail. It did not dawn on me until, oh 3/4 the way there, that in order for there to be a wetland in a mountain it has to be at a low point. So that means the trail getting to it was mostly downhill. It’s a loop around the wetland and back the same way you came in. That part was cool. However… almost all uphill on the way back!! Coupled with the fact we had to get back to the park entrance by 5:00, it was after 4:00 when we made it to the wetland and I had just bowled 5 games after not picking up a bowling ball for 4 months. Y’all my 44 yr old behind was a huffin and a puffin back up that trail. And cussin to myself after every tiny break in the uphill climb, looking up and seeing you’ve still got what looks like a looooong way get back. lol The trail was a little under a mile but going through wooded mountainous area and a flat track are 2 different ball games all together. One missed step even going downhill can result in at the least, a turned ankle. At worse… bye, bye, tumble, tumble off the path and over a very high drop off. Yikes! Since I did not know that’s where I was going Saturday or today, I did not take my camera. But even if I had it with me today I would not have had time to take pictures. We made it back with 15 minutes to spare. Hopefully the next time we go, I have my camera with me to take some pics.

All in all a very good day today! TTYL

Happy Birthday to me!

Just a quick post that I meant to do earlier but it’s still within the same day so that counts right?! Yeah. It’s my birthday today y’all. Yes, April 1st, April Fools Day. How many you ask? Well, they say you should not ask a lady her age but I don’t mind telling that I’m 43 today. My mother took me out for lunch today and I had a good time so all’s good.