30 Day Challenge-Day 3

A book I love…

Wow, this is hard because I love books and love to read but to comply with the challenge I’ll choose one.
It’s called ‘Rancho Costa Nada” by Phil Garlington. The book is mostly about how Phil thought outside of the box to live when he was fired from his job. His solution to his dilemma is very extreme for most. However the real gold of the book I think, is his perspective on what’s really going on in the US and his conversations with the “Demented Vet”, a neighbor in the desert where Phil chose to live. Just these alone made the book worth the purchase. It was written back in 2003. I think I purchased it in 2004 and have read it many times. Here’s a little taste:

“…because most people really are serfs. They’ve been bred and trained from the cradle, by their parents and teachers, to take orders. They need to be told what to do. Oh we are all infected by this culture. We’ve been neutralized by the Borg, Incessant propaganda from the Borg Channel from day One, telling us what to do. That’s what the plutocrats want, Phil. A compliant, docile work force that will piss away it’s disposable income to buck up the economy. The Borg says buy. You don’t need it, but buy anyway…”

The Demented Vet tells it like it is.