Guess who’s 5?!! My Braidlocks!!

Can you believe it?!  They turned 5 on August 23, 2013. Wow 5 years! 🙂

My braidlocks have grown and transformed so much compared to when I first put them in.  So have I. There have been some issues…nothing serious enough to make me want to end my journey. Oh no, uh uh!!  I plan to keep my hair locked for the rest of my time here on this side of the earth.  Mainly because I have learned that this is the best way for my hair to be.  But I will address those things in a future post or two.

For now Happy 5th Birthday to my braidlocks!!!

Day 1 vs Yr 5 Comparison

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16 thoughts on “Guess who’s 5?!! My Braidlocks!!

    • Hi Barbara!

      No, they have transformed into dreadlocks…they are just much smaller than dreadlocks you’re probably familiar with. I continue to call them braidlocks because that is how I started the dreadlocking process-with braids. And to show that there is a DIY alternative to Sisterlocks. I interlock the new growth using a tool every 2 months. Just like you would touch up previously colored hair…doing the new growth only.

      Thanks so much!

      • Thanks for explaining. They really are beautiful. I always thought they must be a lot of hard work. It doesn’t seem fair that some people have to put that much time into their hair, but you are beautiful with the long braids. Congratulations on the 5 years.

  1. YES they look lovely! They are a great way to keep hair on the right path. My roots are too thin to hold any lock, so you know I’m missing my locks. Congrats on year 5! I made it all the way to year 4, and let them go. I live through my Ma, who is still nurturing her locks. I love the comparison shots…the growth is phenomenal! Great to see you~!! Take care.

    • Hey Sis!! Thanks so much. I know you are missing your locs. My thin hair is the very reason I’m keeping my locs small. I’m afraid of thicker locs being too heavy as they get longer.

      Oh I forgot to ask, have you turned off comments on your blog? I was not able to leave a comment the other day.

  2. Hi MsFullRoller,
    Your Braidslocks blog and yt videos really helped me with my first set of Braidlocks, in addition to various helpful advice on natural haircare. Yours is an awesome resource bookmarked to my favorites.

  3. So, congrats!!! So exciting to see you hit the big 5.0!!!! Proud of you! Do you like it better over here? Hmmm..there seems to be more traffic. It’s like a dessert land on that I’m back I can’t seem to ‘find’ anyone. Share!

    • Thanks Cheleski! haha the big 5.0.

      I like it over here a lot. Now there is a difference in the amount of plug-ins available..things like Link-in is not available. Plus there is a android app available that’s really nice for blogging on the go if you want to. I have not used it for that purpose but it’s nice to have it. And I do use it to reply to comments on my blog on the go. A lot of folks have stopped blogging. i know I did for quite awhile.

      Speaking of blogs, do you have an option to follow your blog via email?

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      • hey msfullroller sorry so late life has had me halt alot of things i love. but im back!! year 8!!! thats so impressive. im going on a year and 8 months and im having some trouble thats making me nervious. some of my locs are thick at the bottom thin in the middle and thick at the root…i dont know what to do and im kind of freaking out!!! i want my locs forever…any suggestions?? thanks

        • Kinda hard to say because there are so many variables, ie how you started them, consistency in how you maintained them etc. Or it could be as simple as your particular hair texture, which is the biggest variable there is when it comes to locs and their development. It could aslo just be that they are still in the development process which is again determinant of hair texture.

          When you say thin, is the loc see through at those points?

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