Happy 2013! Leaving the Old Hair Attitudes Behind

Hey everyone! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and are coming into the new year well.

Wow, it’s already 2013! I don’t know ’bout y’all but 2012 went outta here with a quickness.

this woman had incredibly long dreadlocks

this woman had incredibly long dreadlocks (Photo credit: supafly)

Y’all in 2013 we are still dealing with the thought that black women cannot grow long hair. Now I don’t consider my hair/lil dreads as long and yes it’s longer than it’s ever been. Sadly, this backwards attitude is coming from the older generation.

I attended an annual family gathering and this one person has seen me every year since I started my braidlocks almost 4 1/2 years ago. Last year, this same person asked me if this was all my hair. And this year as soon as she saw me she said, “I can’t believe that your hair is that long”.

Huh…this is 2013 right?! ***shaking my head***  And to myself I’m saying, “Wait til you see me next year”.

There is another thing that I’ve heard that bugs me to no end. It’s the notion that older women or women 40 years and older, should cut their hair short. Really?! What’s the reasoning behind that?

Are any of you still experiencing backwards attitudes towards your hair?

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2 thoughts on “Happy 2013! Leaving the Old Hair Attitudes Behind

  1. Excellent post Lil Sis, for many many years it was said that black people’s hair “don’t grow”, what on earth was whole race thinking, if you your hair does not grow that means you are not alive. We were too busy trying to look like a race of people that we clearly are not and destroying our hair roots in the process. How does one explain black men with their unspoiled natural hair who needs a visit to the barber shop regularly, it certainly was not for a scalp scrape, their hair “grows” strong and healthy. I wonder if men sporting a huge afro or locs get asked the same question?

    The idea that mature women should cut their hair is absolutely Ludacris; I have heard it said often. I think it should be a matter of choice; many “older” women of all races look younger with long hair. Works wonders for a double chin 🙂 but seriously! What is more attractive than a grey haired mature woman with long locs or hair? This is a Post Victorian notion which stems from long hair representing youth. Girls over 19 wore their hair up or bobbed to show that they were available. This is a European concept and of course we adopted it because we had to learn from someone. Nowadays the same idea is used for women over 40. I am way over 50 and my locs are staying long sorry guys 😉

    I have been dying to tell you about this, your post is psychic! My recent experience was just last month with a woman who knew me back in the days of braid extensions, she shouted at gig ´with a room full of people “How long did it take to plait in your hair extensions” fortunately My Husband jumped in and replied “That is my wife’s natural hair no damn extensions they are called locs” made my day (hehe) when she quickly changed the subject accompanied with that familiar look of disappointment (maybe envy) that I have seen so many times since my locs started growing. I even had one stranger ask me if it was my own hair in a shop one day when I was going about my own business
    My younger sister has some very well kept uniformed Sisterlocs 8 years old, needless to say they are very long, and she gets the “is it your hair” comments all the time, I was hoping she would ring tonight so I could add something that she has experienced but she is hard at work!. Unfortunately despite the recent light bulb realization from women of good colour to go natural, I think it is going to take a few more generations to pass before this myth is resolved as I look upon the younger generation with a head full of burning creamy crack!. I am on a roll! but I shall leave it here for now:) writing really quicly I hope this makes sense!
    Much Love to you sweet Sis

    • Hey Sis!!!! Girl you know men don’t get those questions. Though I have been witness to a guy sporting a huge fro being confronted by and older Christian couple saying that he should not have long hair. I’m not bashing Christians but that attitude is plain stupid.

      I had no idea that the wearing of the hair up by girls over 19 showed that they were available. I feel the same way in that older women actually look younger… years younger with longer hair. Especially if they have round faces. Mine are staying on my head and staying long too Sis! 😉

      OMG, I would have loved to been a fly on the wall so that I could have seen the expression on that woman’s face!!! Go Hubby..that’s what I’m talkin’ about!! Yeah you are probably right in that we’ve still got a long way to go. I bet your sister’s locs are gorgeous!!

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