30 Day Challenge-Day 10

Put Your Music Player On Shuffle and Write Down the First 10 songs That Play.

Before we get started I gotta share this with y’all. Here is my high tech music player.

You can stop laughing…yeah I know it’s like the first cell phone, where the phone was as big as a size 12 shoe! lol For you youngsters, Google the first cell phone and you’ll see exactly what I mean. But, it actually has a shuffle feature and a program that you can download to create a mp3 playlist on a CD. The program condenses the MP3 so that you can get a whole lot more songs on a CD than you would normally be able to. Just like on an I-Pod. I have 201 songs on it. The drawback is this playlist CD can only be played on this CD player. It plays regular CD’s as well. It was pretty sophisticated back in the day as I bought it back in 2003. Now that you’ve gotten to see an archaic piece of technology, I’ll put my “player” in shuffle mode. 😉 Here’s what’s playing:

1). “Elis” by Alex Bugnon
2) “Dis Is Da Drum” by Herbie Hancock
3) “Like Butter” by Richard Elliot
4) “So What” by Ronny Jordan
5) “Now ‘Til Forever” by Kirk Whalum
6) “Where The Night Begins” by Steve Cole
7)”Greenstreet” by Bob Mamet
8)”Raise the Roof” by Bob James
9)”Too Cool’ by Gerald Albright
10)”17 Mile Drive” by Down To The Bone

And I’m still jammin!! Right at this moment, I’m listening to “Sweet Home Chicago” by Urban Knights. “Cool & Funky” by Ronny Jordan was on just before. 😉


4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge-Day 10

  1. Sounds like some good music you are listening to over there~!!  Sis if your cd player works for you keep on working it~!! Technology is moving too fast and is too expensive to try and keep up.  I enjoyed this blog…funny stuff!~!! =0)

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