30 Day Challenge-Day 1

5 ways to win my heart.

These are not in any particular order of importance. Only how they came to mind at the time.

1. Take care of a few everyday tasks without me having to ask you to do it. It does not threaten your manhood in any way, shape or form. The last time I checked, the male species has to drink water and eat to stay alive, just like females do. And don’t worry about what the boys might think. If they say something negative to you it’s because 1) they are “boys” and 2) they’re jealous of what you got. A relationship is a partnership meaning there are two people involved and it takes equal effort from both persons involved to keep things running smoothly.

2. Use that brain the Creator has given each of us to THINK with and do not be afraid to use it. It is not up there to take up space or to weigh your head down, keeping your head from floating off your neck. The ability to think critically with intelligence is sexy. So is good old fashioned common sense. Group think is not.

3. Take time to get know me, for who I am. Not what society says I’m supposed to be, your friend Ray Ray or anybody else for that matter.

4. Some technical/practical know how, the courage to research what you don’t know how to do, put into practice what you’ve learned and most importantly, make changes where necessary. It’s ok to change the plan a bit if new info comes about to improve the task. Also lets talk it over to plan the work and work the plan. Two heads are better than one and if you did #3 well…

5. Being a good steward of the Earth’s resources and your money. Now y’all know that was gonna have to be one of them especially the managing money part. I feel like this, if I see that you don’t know how to take care of your bizzness, you are not gonna suddenly get hit with the integrity lightening bolt to know how to take care of ours.

This list is by no means all inclusive as I’m a constantly evolving being but the challenge says 5 soooo, I’ll stick with the program… for now..lol Yeah, I’m getting more and more rebellious as I get older. Though it’s not necessarily rebelling but more like telling it like it is. Something I was afraid to do at a younger age. 😉


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