Stylish Blogger Award!

Thanks so much Yavinah for passing this award to me. Wow, another one on my little ole blog. Again, I’m honored and humbled. OK, the rules are to thank and link back to the one who has given this award. Check.

Second list 7 things about yourself. Oh boy, here goes:

1. I’ve recently gotten back into bowling, one of my favorite sports hence the name msfullroller. It’s derived from the way the bowling ball is released…an old school release in that the ball rolls over the entire circumference…full roller. I added ms to the front since I’m a female. Some folks on YouTube thought my name had to do with hair rollers. Hahaha. Shoot, I hated to roll my hair when it was permed so if I were on the odd chance referring to rollers, the name would have been, msantiroller! lol

2. I really do not like to cook. It’s ok once I get started, I guess it’s the thought of, I gotta cook. If it were not so darn expensive and unhealthy to eat out everyday I would do it in a heartbeat. However in light of the recent tornadoes that struck my state where so many have lost everything they have, I’m very thankful that I’ve got a roof over my head to cook, food to cook and a stove to cook it on.

3. I’ve become an Internet information junkie. Probably the main reason why I have not written much here lately. lol But I love to learn because to me knowledge is power. To me, Internet is like a big ole library that I can access 24/7/365, but I love brick-n-mortar libraries too. I’m a voraciuos reader. If I’m sitting at the doc’s office with Mom, I’ve got a book in hand.

4. I love astrology, numerology , pretty much all the metaphysical stuff.

5. I’ve become an ingredient junkie. Ingredients being herbs use on my locs and other uses to. This is one of the results of #3. Last year is when this all began which I did write about one of the herbs which was rosemary.

6. I’m almost a hermit. I think this is partly due to where I am in my life and the rest is who I really am.

7. Just got my new glasses last week, well new lenses for my old frames and they are bi-focals or really tri-focals. lol

The last requirement is to award 15 recently discovered bloggers and notify them of this award. I don’t have 15 but I give this award to the following blogger: Queenrella