30 Day Challenge-Day 9

How Important You Think Education Is

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Education is very important however to me there is a distinct difference in education vs knowledge. Now I’m sure you ask what do I mean by that and aren’t they one in the same? Maybe 70-80 years ago (though I’m beginning to doubt this as well) but definitely not now.

Education currently and in the recent few decades teaches one to be a drone. Just another worker who does as he is told and does not think too much. Education has also become another product in the economy, where one has to saddle himself with thousands of dollars of debt or take a long time to finish taking a few classes at a time. In many cases one graduates not being able to find a job in his area of study. Not so good if he/she has thousands of dollars in student loan debt to repay, starting adult life seriously behind the eight ball. Not to mention credit card debt which many college grads have on top of massive student loan debt.

Knowledge on the other hand is a by product of experience, observation, action and critical thinking. Basically using that grey matter between the ears, to process what the eyes are seeing, what the ears are hearing and what the inner voice is saying. Once knowledge is obtained it can never be made obsolete, it’s just the opposite. Knowledge can be built upon indefinitely. There is always something to learn.

So knowledge is what’s important to me.