Creativity on my Dad’s birthday 2010

Hey y’all! I know I’ve been gone a minute and when I’ve returned with a post that is not loc related at all lol. That’s coming since my 21 month mark is Sunday.

Today is my deceased Dad’s birthday and he would have been 70 years old. For some reason, the last two years I have felt the urge to do something creative or garden related on this day. I mentioned in last year’s post about Taurus being a very creative sign. It is also an earth sign, the earthiest of all the earth signs. So that means Taurus’ generally appreciate gardening or some connection with the earth. Now this is my trying to understand astrology mind thinking. My North Node, the soul path that you are to work towards in this lifetime is in Taurus. Though I don’t know Dad’s time of birth I can do a chart on with an unknown birth time to get most of his planet placements. The Sun sign placement in degrees will be pretty consistant regardless of birthtime. The degree of his Taurus Sun is 28 and my Taurus North Node is 26 degrees. That makes his Sun conjunct or very, very close to my North Node. According to CafeAstrology, “…it is a powerful connection and one where the major theme of the relationship is developing each other’s talents and strengths.” In the 11 years since he crossed over to the other side, I feel as though he has been doing just that as our relationship while he was living was a bit strained for reasons I won’t get into just yet.

What I did today was my expand my rainwater catchment. If you know me from YouTube and have been following me there for awhile, you’ve seen the one barrel I had placed under a downspout that was left incomplete for some reason by the previous homeowner. I had added 3 barrels to another downspout about 8 weeks ago but when it rained only one of the barrels filled. I made the corrections necessary and waited for the next rainfall. 3 weeks later it did and all three of my barrels filled up. So today I added two more barrels, changing out one that was filled. Here’s the video I posted on my channel showing what the system looks like. I’ll post another video, which will probably end up being a two parter, going into detail of what I used to put the system together.

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