Rapid Refund- Say No, No, No

Rapid refund services are just another hand that reaches deep into your pocketbook. Your money or refund is being given to you and I use the term “given” very loosely, as a Refund Anticipation Loan. This service to get your money quicker, is not offered out of the kindness or benevolence . What that means is you pay a hefty fee plus interest for this convenience. I’ve mentioned here in an earlier post of how to get your money in your check each month if you are one who consistently get large refunds back every year. Now I would venture to say that 70% of employers don’t issue W-2s until Jan 31st. So you’ve already had to wait 13 months and unless it’s an emergency and I do mean an emergency, save yourself some money and say no, no, no to rapid refund.

8 thoughts on “Rapid Refund- Say No, No, No

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